I think you knew that though didn't you? Sas on January 23,

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The fortunate thing here is that the support guys do not know they are affiliates unless they tell them so. Jen on November 30, So Great Casino, had fun, after that made some money.

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This is a Mirage or a abrupt sandgetting in is easy and accomplishment out is difficult. Now i inhibited those winnings 5 days ago, after that nothing yet. I won Nothing! Heard good things about this Casino after that of course I decided to aim. Received a 25 euro bonus, had to deposit at least 1 euro to get started, registered under my own name and up we attempt. Within the community i've been catch up in - which to be ajar is the advantage play community - it's become fairly common knowledge so as to when CRs thinks 'dodgy' what they too often mean is 'player who has beaten us'. B on October 17, I'm not saying one approach or the other whether CR engages in such pandering, but i am saying that affiliates don't make able reviewers as their independence is all the time going to be questionable. And the affiliate team does not go all the way through marking the accounts who are affiliates.

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After that tried to withdraw it. Reply I tried the free spins. Obviously this is all only my opinion, although at the current time i wouldn't recommend the CR group to players for the simple reason that around are other casinos where they are far less likely to encounter difficulties. JB on November 1, Answer Hi Vijeeth Wanted to check but tou could withdraw your winning amount? Reply Update, they came through at the same time as promised. I could still not admission the games room to use my free spins.

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