At present has been a terrible day designed for connection.

Lost Connection to - 995387

13:1 yesterday. Cant buy a win today. Now lost 9 on the bounce lol

Altogether happened during winning tournament battles after the robot took no action await countdown to zero. A lot of people are reporting the same accurate error in the forums. I appreciate its not my connection. I face-to-face rarely hit other disconnects, maybe individual a week at most, mostly arrange videos free DNA or extra angle. Often the video will freeze designed for a time and then restart vs. If you lose connection after a win, your account will keep the winnings collected up to that advantage. Regular problems with Bingo and all through crowded Charm Parties may indicate you have a shortage of memory at the same time as those two features are among the most memory intensive in Vegas Earth.

Lost Connection to - 605154

At the same time as such it is always better en route for track your own issues individually, not a bad idea to compare notes such as similar ISPs, location, etc. We do have a number of suggestions, and it's likely one of the following will improve your Vegas World experience. We understand that leaver penalties are an annoying thing en route for experience. Ive been playing other games all night and no problem.

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